Clinical practice guideline. Integral Care Guidelines for the prevention, early detection and treatment of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium complications: Section on toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

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Jorge Alberto Cortesa
Jorge Enrique Gómez
Pedro Ignacio Silva
Leonardo Arévalo
Ingrid Arevalo Rodriguez
Martha Isabel Álvarez
Sandra Beltran
Ivohne Fernanda Corrales
Edith Angel Mulleri
German Ruiz
Pio Ivan Gómez


Tooplasma infection, an aspect included in the Integral Care Guidelines for prevention, early detection and treatment of complications during pregnancy developed and sponsored by the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation, Colciencias and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection; was selected to develop recommendations that may contribute to its prevention diagnostic and treatment. Guidelines were developed through systematic review of literature, two panels of evaluation, gradation of evidence: SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network), discussion panel with users and patients, external evaluation and socioeconomical evaluation of the impact of recommendations. The Toxoplasma gondii infection that occurs during pregnancy may cause serious complications for the fetus and important sequelae for the newborn. A clinical guideline based on the best available scientific evidence, with emphasis on Colombian references, was performed. Experts in parasitology, neonatology and infectious diseases (adult and pediatric) developed the recommendations. It is suggested that the recommendations included in this guideline be followed by healthcare professionals in pregnancy care programs nationwide, with the purpose of lowering the morbidity and mortality related to this disease. Specific recommendations for diagnosis during the first trimester of the pregnancy, recommendations for prevention in noninfected women, identification of fetal or newborn infection and recommendations for treatment in those given cases are included.

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