Frequency of mixed onychomycosis with total nail dystrophy in patients attended in a Guatemalan Dermatology Center

Erick Martínez-Herrera, Herbert Schlager-Ospino, Edoardo Torres-Guerrero, Carlos Porras-López, Laura Ramos Betancourt, Stefanie Arroyo Camarena, Roberto Arenas


Introduction: Onychomycosis are fungal nail infections that can be caused by dermatophytes, non-dermatophytic molds and yeasts, which are capable of breaking down keratin. Mixed onychomycosis are a controversial subject and they are the outcome of the combination of two dermatophytes, dermatophytes/nondermatophytic molds or dermatophytes/yeast.

Objetives: To determine the frequency of total dystrophic onychomycosis caused by more tan one Etiological agent (mixed onychomycosis) in outpatients from a Dermatologic Center in Guatemala and to establish the characteristics associated with this fungal infection.

Methods: Prospective observational study from August to December of 2012. Nail samples were obtained from patients with total dystrophic onychomycosis to identify the causal agents by culture in Sabouraud dextrose and Mycosel® agar.

Results: 32 of 130 patients had mixed onychomycosis. 68.5% were associated to tinea pedis. The most common association was between T. rubrum + Candida, T. rubrum + M. canis and T. rubrum + opportunist fungi.

Conclusions: Mixed onychomycosis represent 25% of the total dystrophic onychomycosis in Guatemala. We observed an important relationship between diabetes and the main association was T. rubrum with Candida spp. 

Palabras clave

Mixed onychomycosis; dermatophytes; opportunistic fungi

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