Recommendations for the diagnosis and management of persons with suspected vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT)

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Nancy Yomayusa
Juan Acevedo
Virginia Abello Polo
Raúl Izaguirre
Carlos Ramírez
María Helena Solano
Sergio Ramírez
Patricia Rodríguez
Lina Morón
Ilich De la Hoz
Kelly Rocio Chacón
Paula Gutiérrez
Claudia Agudelo
Sonia Hernández
Guillermo León
José Accini
Guillermo Ortíz
Alejandro Concha-Mejia
Rubén Contreras
Bibiana Escobar
Tatiana Espinosa
Camilo González
Erica Yama
Gustavo Aroca
Cecilia Guillermo
Otto Hamann
Laura Horlandy
Claudia Moreno
Natalia Mejía
Fernán Mendoza
Jeffrey Castellanos
Jose Rozo
Camilo Montero
José Navarro
José Oñate
Diego Pinto
Natalia Restrepo
Oscar Saenz
Lina Triana
Liliana Correa
Luis Sabbagh
Ana Castillo
Rodolfo Torres
Alberto Lineros


In recent months, rare cases of thrombosis at unusual sites associated with thrombocytopenia, occurring within a typical risk window (i.e., 4-28 days) after receiving SARS CoV2 vaccines, have been reported. Healthcare professionals should be prepared to detect these cases on time. The Expert Panel of the Knowledge Management and Transfer Network conducted a free search of the related literature. With the available information and the clinical expertise of the working group, we formulated, reviewed, and endorsed recommendations for the timely suspicion, diagnosis (case definitions, the use of initial laboratory and imaging tests, specific tests), and management of these thrombotic conditions. This document is considered a living document that will be updated as new evidence emerges, and recommendations may change over time.

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