What have we researched about HIV infection in Colombia? A bibliometric review 1983 - 2018

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Juan Alzate-Ángel
Angela Arroyave
Andrea Gómez
Juan Pericàs
Joan Benach


Objective: Our objective was to quantitatively describe the research on HIV infection carried out in Colombia.

Materials and methods: A bibliometric review of all studies that included people infected or affected by HIV between January 1, 1983, and August 31, 2018, was performed.

Results: 587 studies were identified. Most were descriptive studies. There are a lower number of studies in the fields of prevention, education and public health.

Most of the published studies were carried out in 3 departments. 72% were published in Q3, Q4 or unclassified journals.

Discussion: The research performed has given priority to the description of figures and is not enough to understand and know how to treat factors like late diagnosis, the stigma and the prevention of the disease.

Conclusion: There does not seem to be a national strategy to define the research needs. There is a low dissemination of the results and a low cover of the research in the country.

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