First Colombian consensus on congenital Chagas and clinical approach for women of child-bearing age diagnosed with Chagas

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Zulma M. Cucunubá
Carlos A. Valencia-Hernández
Concepción J. Puerta
Sergio Sosa-Estani
Faustino Torrico
Jorge Alberto Cortés
Juan David Ramirez
Mauricio J. Vera
Belkis Xiomara Acosta
Carlos Arturo Álvarez
Edith Ángel Muller
Mauricio Beltrán
María Isabel Bermúdez
Maritza Berrío
Germán Camacho Moreno
Yeny Zulay Castellanos
Astrid Carolina Flórez
Ingrid Criollo
Patricia Guerra Morales
Rafael Antonio Herazo
Diana Carolina Hernández
Cielo Maritza León
Manuel Medina Camargo
Mabel Medina Alfonso
Edwin Pachón
Bernardo Paez Fonseca
María Luisa Parra
Paula X. Pavia
Franklin Roberto Quiróz
Lyda Constanza Ríos
Nubia Lucía Roa
Fernando Torres
Luz Marina Uribe Rivero


Congenital transmission of Chagas disease has not been extensively studied in Colombia, and there are no standardized processes in the health system regarding the specific diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of this disease. To generate recommendations on congenital Chagas disease and Chagas in women of childbearing age in Colombia, a consensus of experts was developed. An extensive literature search through the Medline database was carried out using the MeSH terms: «Chagas disease/congenital», «prevention and control», «diagnosis», «therapeutics» and «pregnancy». Appropriate abstracts were selected and the full texts were analyzed. The relevant information was synthesized, classified, and organized into tables and figures and was presented to a panel of experts, which was composed of 30 professionals from various fields. Based on the Delphi methodology, three rounds of consultation were conducted. The first and second rounds were based on electronic questionnaires that measured the level of consensus of each question among the participants. The third round was based on a face-to-face discussion focusing on those questions without consensus in the previous consultations. Theevidence was adapted to national circumstances on a case-by-case basis, and the content the final document was approved. These recommendations are proposed for use in routine medical practice by health professionals in Colombia.

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