Scorpion envenomation in Brazil: an update

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Arthur Fernandes Barbosa Parrela
Raquel Roque Rodrigues
Gustavo de Paula Campos
Ana Clara Miranda Gomes
Bruna Soares de S. Lima Rodrigues
Marcella N. Melo Braga
Ademir N. Ribeiro Júnior
Rodrigo Siqueira-Batista


Accidents caused by scorpions represent a major health problem on planet, both in individual terms and in the public health sphere. Morbid events can occur in different manifestations, and different clinical conditions must be differentiated for adequate treatment. In addition to the potential injury to human hosts, scorpion venom has been investigated for the therapy of several illnesses. Based on these aspects, the present article aims to present the clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic aspects of scorpionism.

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